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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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coming up our big picture rommel joining me tonight are joe madison ryan darling and vince collin ace will be just as the great judge that debate right after the break. that's fine it's twenty four seven live streaming news towns like to tell you about the ongoing financial hurricane unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you may never find on mainstream news. from the. political. post and more aren't just. for. fun.
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are you ready to rumble and so it's time for tonight's big picture of all right a bit the week's biggest stories in the panel of expert political commentators and i'm joined in the studio by vince colonies page editor of the daily caller joe madison host of the joe madison show on sirius x.m. satellite radio which airs weekdays six to ten am eastern time a gentleman twenty eight and brian darling columnist of human events and contributor to red state dot com big government dot com and director of government studies at the heritage foundation welcome to. the house passed john boehner has built two hundred eighteen to two hundred ten it's to buy but it's got some very.
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very strange provisions in it this is a deal way according to harry reid and the house of representatives. and. given that it has absolutely no chance of passing the house a why even bother and be the fact that it's got this balanced budget amendment in it now and you know the commission and all this stuff and of the republicans totally drink and drink the the tea party kool-aid vince you know i think what you see is that especially the passage of a balanced budget amendment a pretty high goal very lofty and obviously the senate is not interested in going through the passage of a balanced budget amendment possibly never even it wouldn't have to simply vote with a two thirds majority so what you have is a obviously a bill that is d.o.a. as you mentioned in the senate but there may be some reason obviously you have freshman in the house who believe that they owe their constituency people who place them there or something and though it may be symbolic the truth is they're passing something this is the second time republicans have passed something and senate the
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senate has to take on one of those and the president still is holding out to present a plan of his own passing something joe. i've started to say on my show it's no longer the tea party it's that to keep the party. i understand there is that the key to a problem. i don't want to take anything away from i mean you know they they should enjoy this victory but it's short lived let's let's just be honest and so now i think the big dogs in the senate and the house come to play because the senate i would imagine before we finish this program we'll have voted it down and then the seniors will come together and try to reach some type of compromise that the president could sign and you're absolutely right this is a play to eighty tea party freshmen. and their constituents and their pledge to grover norquist. be fulfilled it ok it's
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a victory and i will say one other thing it does give them a sly it's indigo she says because they've got something but but not much not much at all so brian jo's point is really well taken out now john boehner is going to face probably the biggest test of his speakership because now he's going to sit down with the guys in the senate and work out something that both bodies can pass. and a good thing it's going to be something like this ok let's slash part of the federal budget or be going to are they going to end up you know the senate for example here we read could take any one of the bills in the house is replace the entire text of one sentence that says the the new debt ceiling is fourteen trillion dollars send it back to the house and there that waiting to happen well i think some deal will probably be worked out but beyond this as a member of the tea party i was very proud of the tea party members of the house and senate for fighting back not rolling over and when you look at the plans i mean
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they both have commissions and they both cut about just over seven hundred billion over the next ten years they're really not that far apart we're talking about politics here and the president never had a play and he never put a plan on the table but the house and senate have a plan right now in the only big difference is a link to that limit increase it's something they can probably work out obviously the house has a provision about a balanced budget amendment which is not going to be in any final agreement but the economy's in the tank and both of these plans are cutting government spending and what we know from the states is that twenty four states that cut government spending have all seen unemployment go up in g.d.p. go down to twenty five states that have increased taxes increased government spending the last year and a half almost two and a half years have seen g.d.p. go up and unemployment were down i mean this and you know this is the end you don't see again shared responsibility shared sacrifice you know you say good government spending is cutting but you get conservative and liberal governors and
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mayors in the states and city managers will say well we're not so good i got a teacher's i've got a farm and right now that i release office a lot of infrastructure and let's you know it was interesting and i think this is also a point one of the reasons that this has got through the tea party was because banner brought in tea party members and say you know what i'll put project air mark you want in your. you had all of these tea party members that had earmarks that they didn't like initially and he called them and see. if you don't vote for me that's how that bill got passed so he finally he finally was playing hardball. domestic terrorism to change topics here we saw mr breivik now or breivik or however he says his name the norwegian terrorist. with with crosses all over his fifty two hundred
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page manifesto. he was paranoid was the high capacity clips that he used to murder all these people from the u.s. and this is after. congresswoman giffords was shot and democrats were calling for an end to these high capacity clips and her republican said no way we're not going to and i'm going to do away with these clips. are we that has the united states become like you know death and destruction coming up here well first of all i think we shall take a moment and pray for the life of the individuals that lost their lives in this terrible tragedy but yet again the liberals take this one incident may want to impose gun control in america when they seem not to understand that having a well armed populace is the best way to fight people like this this is what at all and this is what the democratic congresswoman carolyn maloney said about that she said there should be a lot of shame we're sending a death warrant to other parts of the well we should be not be ashamed of the
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amount of freedom we have in this country and the fact is you know the freedom to defend yourself the freedom to have a gun and defend yourself against somebody just like this because the bad guys the always look for the gun free zones that happen in fort hood why would we want to create economically joe why why why. why the pressure to create circumstances that create such huge disparities in wealth that anybody feels that they need to protect themselves well that's a very deep. question you've asked i like to go back to the original. and that is the special ammunition i mean we we don't need that kind of ammunition in this country and i'm pretty much on your side i'm not opposed to citizens owning owning guns so they're mine and when you start getting ammunition that police officers say you know and they're the first responders standing crime to be quite honest they should be and they say look we got to get
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rid of this and you know and you don't there's another thought that we've been sharing on my show and you mentioned. having guns those students that was a kids can you don't arm a kids camp that guy chose those folks because they were children and anybody out here would who wants to do damage can do the same exact thing here's another thought maybe we ought to start. profiling. white europeans. the way we profiled those limbs european ancestry people. are nicer you are sort of altering somewhat tongue in cheek but i you know we don't hesitate to profile muslims or african
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americans well i'm not i'm not at all tongue in cheek on this let me throw this to you vince this week in the united states we had a terrorist incident we had a fire that was thrown into a building by a white presumably a white christian we don't know but you know that's the profile typically of people who who are bombing quite apparently. well no it's not it's not as i said i am sure you didn't look like al sharpton years ago here so you can. bet and doesn't necessarily equate to but here's the question you know what i would. to the news coverage of this in fact we've got you know sixty seconds of silence which i'm not going to run here because i don't want to cut into your time but but we we played in three d. last night on the show we played all the news coverage of the firebombing of the planned parenthood clinic which was not an abortion clinic it was a place where women got mammograms and things and and never did they mention the word terrorist and then this muslim guy gets busted with some guns and bombs and all of a sudden the word terrorist is appearing in every other sentence right the double standard you know it's sometimes it is hard to say the media tends to pick up
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things at different places and then in terms of what's within somebody's purview and how the media reads you know whether or not it be interesting to people it changes all kind of because what i find interesting i do agree with you tom i find it interesting and it and shocking but you know if you if you were if this was a white christian you said as you know the christian right was a profile if it was a christian it wouldn't really stand the test of being christian wouldn't it i mean if he was pro-life it's a muslim in their bed and they're doing a lot of they don't they don't exist in the profile of you know what you have is a situation where somebody stupidly and truthfully it's crazy the idea of throwing a molotov cocktail this was the story a diesel filled bottle thrown at this place now if you check if you see the covers they did exist they did act they did actually speak to the woman who's in charge of this planned parenthood clinic and she said that this was a great exception to anything they've ever dealt with and said that in the past ten years they haven't experienced anything like this and the worst that they felt has
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been griffey granted still wrong but nothing like this but knowing that something was wrong with that argument that she was talking about her place but there are examples after examples i mean we've heard of president's recent yet we chris we've had in the church because they were we've had we've had. a. bomb threats and attacks so it's a. little disingenuous because she was talking about her particular location and history is replete with individuals who have done terrorist attacks i as an african-american sitting here know of the history of the ku klux klan which use christianity as the basis of their terrorism or it would the largest terrorist and i would add is history right by launching this discussion the idea that this was a profile a white christian what you're doing is ideologically tying every white christian
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some sort of this like you would ideologically tie every muslim that could have been by point by anyone with a log stream of over a hundred yeah and these are question again this is well over one hundred members of the house of representatives has signed a letter to the attorney general saying enough already with these voter id and was these laws are so far had to have. apparently disenfranchise some twenty million americans at least ten million americans and yet voter fraud in quotes and george bush's administration did a five year war on voter fraud and the fact that federal prosecutors who wouldn't prosecute voter fraud because they couldn't find evidence several of them resign or got fired five year war and voter fraud and in any given year he never found more than twenty incidences and never found more than three that could actually be prosecuted because most of them are people who spell their name wrong or had moved in forgotten to file a voter fraud happens one tenth of one one hundredth as frequently as people were getting struck by lightning is this really worth knocking twenty million people off
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the voting rolls particularly people who are elderly people who are urban or people who are students college students because that's the target of these laws well i think the target of these laws is to make it so that you have a secure voting place or you go to the or when i gain your vote i vote in d.c. i've never been asked for and i don't but there is no voter fraud well you don't know that it's in part it's very hard to find voter for although it's very quite easy no no no no i had this argument no no no no look the way vote. look you're talking to somebody who registered over five hundred thousand people during the reagan administration you can find voter fraud because people who work at voting polls report any potential for usually to the city clerk then reports that to the secretary of state it is not difficult to find voter fraud this is suppression right now in the in west in west concent seventy one thousand african-american men are disenfranchised because of a single stroke of the pen by their governor i proposed on my show today that there
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are to be a march in from milwaukee to madison wisconsin symbolic of the march from selma to montgomery this is nothing more than a tip because you can't said because it's not only in voter fraud oh all of a sudden in florida you can vote several days in advance you can't vote on a sunday are you kidding me you don't think i was busy weeks were holding they're consolidating the voting to reload interior design is it did i use the word result when you're high because you know you know a lot of markets resigns i didn't imply that i implied this i didn't imply anything seventy one thousand people are disenfranchised and i'm saying to you this is voter suppression i have right now in my blackberry a white farmer in west oncet who says there you've got farmers who are who don't have state id and the nearest place to go get
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a seventy two miles away that's voter suppression in this country you do not make it more difficult for people to vote you should make it easier reiver suppression of force people to get a driver's license before they get around the world. should you be rich enough to own a car in order to vote vets every level of government involvement there is an idea for except for when you go over it's just the only place and matter of fact at the at the polls that are you in fact i'm enjoying my. well for the government when i walk on street and in any public place area that you walk into your involving yourself. and you deal with these incidents known as proof of widespread voter fraud was my point fewer than twenty cases here and george bush spent millions of dollars looking for they went through thousands and thousands this is again you do not make it more difficult you make it as easy as possible for people to vote and it is not hard to root out voter fraud you couldn't it's done all the time we have
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to go to a quick for question here ninety seconds just a quick quick answer here will john boehner finish one hundred twelfth congress as the speaker of the us yes i think he will clearly he's had a difficult time with his caucus fighting with his caucus on this bill but i think his caucus will rally behind him and he will stay speaker you know yes he will have yes he will space and he will be he will be with. your people your. party and when the party's over you guys my fellow over. the coming two weeks are really going to dictate whether or not john boehner can stay in a speaker of the house i think that we're really going to see at least a challenge he may or may not finish ok and i put the odds of fifty fifty there's going to be at a moment painter looks over and cantor's got the ship alive well of course. joe madison brian darling thank you all for being here. after the break move over
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party you know the party of destruction as the rains in the house and i still take i'll tell you how the tea party crash. twenty four seventh's live streaming news what to tell you about the ongoing financial hurricane unlimited free high quality videos down. stories. never find mainstream. political. person more aren't.
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the corporations have created a monster that monsters a group of ideologies that have wormed their way into congress and now have the power to take down our entire economy and condemn all of us to a second great depression make no mistake about it we have an established third party in congress today for the first time in over one hundred years the tea party zombies it's a third party based on political naivete on irresponsible idealism and corruption morality it's a third party that things compromise is a bad word who thinks that they yell and threat enough they can get the democratically controlled senate and white house to bend to their will it's
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a party that thinks it's on a mission to crash the economy thus setting the stage to grass to clean remake america and crash the new deal economics that have created the last century's prosperity and replace it with a libertarian free market that has defined the last century of for example somalia . it's a third party that believes in ion rand morality that the poor the sick the elderly should be condemned to death that the social safety net one of the greatest accomplishments of modern man is evil you know i john boehner had to pull his debt limit plan off the floor of the main reasons because the tea party went nuts over pell grants as in no way no how will they support a bill that helps students go to college we can no longer believes the tea party is controlled by republicans tea parties on its own now running roughshod through congress as we've witnessed in this debt limit debate and even john boehner knows
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this himself by now and what republicans and the rest of us need to ask ourselves today is how did this happen how did a constitutional democracy allow a group of destructive ideologues to take power in congress and drag our country and economic ruin what happened well citizens united happened as i discussed in chapter eleven of my book on equal protection the supreme court's citizens united decision in january of two thousand and ten fundamentally changed american politics it laid the groundwork for the tea party crazies to come to power the roberts court reversed a century of electoral law and kept corporations from meddling in our politics and kept a mocker city in the hands of the people and instead they handed over our democracy to the highest bidder to trust fund millionaires to hedge fund billionaires and transnational corporations. under the assumption that corporations are real people
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just like you and me five right wingers on this high court ruled that corporations also have free speech rights like us and those can tap into their corporate war chests and spend unlimited amounts of money distorting our elections and once a ruling came down from chief justice roberts corporations wasted no time at all making which candidates they would throw their millions behind to unseat democrats around the country and once and for all try to put an end to the things that they hate like health care reform wall street reform energy reform to once and for all turn the miracle into a corporatocracy tea party folks the big billionaire funders behind them purposefully picked low i.q. politicians who had no experience in governance who had no sense of the constitution or american history and who have no understanding of basic economics why because they'd be the easiest to mold and easiest to convince that the corporate ideology is the right ideology and after half of the campaign checks high
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powered political junkie it's and reeducation camps and five star hotels and resorts these tea party politicians brought and bought with their corporate overlords or were selling they became true believers after all billionaires must start their talking about how else to get more money what citizens united did is allow corporations to make an investment in american politics and as you'd expect these billionaires invested wisely creating a new army of gullible tea party soldiers who came to capitol hill in the beginning of the year on a mission to protect corporate interests at all costs even if it meant crashing the economy. protect subsidies for billionaire oil corporations protect tax loopholes for billionaire jet owners protect loopholes that let billionaire transnational corporations ship american jobs overseas and do not compromise no matter what the
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other side says rather what the economists say and most importantly no matter what the american people say ironically that even means ignoring the grassroots american people who once called themselves tea partiers not only are the tea party numbers dwindling around the country but the overwhelming majority of self described tea partiers are opposed to the corporate agenda that's on the march in washington today what's left just for the zombies in suits in congress we call the tea party. we have a third party city in america created not by the people but by money in his dissent against majority ruling in citizens united justice stevens predicted exactly what we see unfolding today he wrote corporate domination of electioneering can generate the impression that corporations dominate our democracy citizens may lose faith in their capacity to influence public policy a government captured by corporate interests they may come to believe will be
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neither responsive to their needs or willing to give their views a fair hearing this week the switchboards on capitol hill went down after the president encouraged americans to call their members of congress and push for a democrat debt limit deal and yet the corporate tea party didn't listen they pushed ahead with their agenda to crash the economy slash government spending and lay off people bring it all down it's not a coincidence that the most to stunk tional destructive an unresponsive congress in the history of this nation is this congress the first congress elected after the supreme court's citizens united decision even if this third party of destruction does not succeed in crashing the economy this time around. and the debt ceiling is raised the damage has already been done the american people have lost faith and the rest of the world thinks we've lost the ability to govern ourselves i can only hope this means we're close to a tipping point if this debt limit debate is what wakes up america to the thirty
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year assault on the middle class by corporations and the billionaires they create corporations that grew impatient with the slow grooving republican establishment and thanks to citizens united he sided to throw their weight and money behind the radicalized tea party hell bent on bringing a painful transformation to america right now this is happening right now and if we don't get out there and get active and fight back they will destroy our nation it's time to strip corporations of their personhood and make sure they'll never again be able to run dozens of manchurian candidates who have no idea what it means to be a state's interstates were. that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and. you can also check out our two youtube links at tom hartman dot com this entire show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and we have a free to have an i phone or i pad app in the app store he sends feedback
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a twitter a child underscore that on facebook and from others who are been on our blogs message boards and telephone comment line all over a talk of a dot com and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there and get active show up your it so next week. that's fine with twenty four seven live stream news towns like to tell you about the ongoing financial hurricane unlimited free high quality videos for download golf. ball and stories you never find on mainstream news it's going to be that the so called me a political. person more on our team doctor.
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